“The philosophy behind integrative medicine is a focus on all stages and aspects of an individual’s care, placing the patient at the center and making individuals responsible for and involved in their own health. The physical, mental, social, spiritual, environmental, and other states of being must be considered to ensure that patients receive the highest quality and most comprehensive and coordinated care possible.”

— Judith Salerno, MD, MS,
Executive Officer,
The Institute of Medicine

Chiropractic Fellowship Program
The Integrative Medicine Chiropractor of Excellence Program

The Integrative Medicine Foundation (IMF) is committed to training physician leaders of excellence in integrative medicine. The IMF works together with Alliance Integrative Medicine, one of the leading clinical centers in Integrative Medicine.

The Position

The chiropractic fellowship program is 3 year program. The first eighteen months is an intensive, active learning program, followed by an eighteen month observational period. The current chiropractic fellow began in August 2016.We will begin screening candidates for the next fellowship program in 2018.

Ideal candidates include both recent chiropractic graduates who wish to pursue training in Integrative Medicine and current chiropractors who wish to refocus their careers on Integrative Medicine.

As part of the Integrative Medicine Chiropractor of Excellence (IMCOE) Program, physicians will have the opportunity to participate in a flexible, personalized program based on previous experience. The program will include:

  • An 18 month clinical program designed to optimize clinical skills
  • Functional Medicine (basic and/or advanced) training
  • Training in FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent)
  • Training in Advanced Allergy Therapeutics
  • Training in Osteopathic manipulation techniques
  • Options for training in other modalities
  • Exposure to and training in a variety of Integrative Medicine Modalities.


  • Participates in chiropractic specialty supporting in-house team of professionals which oversee a patient’s holistic health and well being
  • Participates in monthly teaching sessions that will review and reinforce multiple aspects of Integrative Medicine
  • Participates and provides services for the underserved population through “The Get Well Program”
  • Participates in teaching residents and medical students
  • Has an opportunity to participate in clinical research

Skills and Other Requirements

  • Doctor of chiropractic medicine license
  • Able to obtain an Ohio medical license before starting the program
  • Willing to relocate/reside in Cincinnati, Ohio for a minimum of three years
  • 4-5 years experience preferred but will consider chiropractors just out of residency
  • Enthusiastic and passionate about patient care
  • Communicates clearly and compassionately discussing care options with patients
  • Highly approachable to every type of people, valuing the diversity of personalities and backgrounds
  • Knows how to quickly build rapport with patients and integrated medical team
  • Both efficient with time and high effective in decisions and recommendations
  • Strong passion for integrative medicine philosophy
  • Strong desire for continued learning and self-growth
  • Able to stand for long periods of time
  • Able to lift up to 50 pounds

Compensation and Benefits

  • Guaranteed Salary
  • Health, Long term disability, Life insurance
  • 401k plan
  • Paid Malpractice
  • 100% Paid Training in modalities listed above


Please contact Dr. Liz Woolford, Training Director

Tel: 513-791-5521